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Cottager Wood Burning Stove

Cottager Wood Burning Stove

Ref: 090310076

Price: 349.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


This Classically designed wood burning stove, adds a traditional sense of style to a modern or period home whilst real flames provide an inviting source of warmth. The Cottager II is highly efficient and ideal for burning wood or coal.

Wood Burning Stove Features

  • Cast Iron stoves finished with a black, heat resistant paint.
  • Air control for alternating burn rate
  • Air wash system helps keep the inside of the glass clean, so you benefit from the full flame effect
  • Simple pull handle system moves riddling grate to push soot and dirt into ash pan for easier cleaning
  • Complies with the BS/En13240
  • Maximum heat output 30,726 Btu/hr (approx. 9kW )
  • Rotating, butterfly style flue damper & adjustable front air inlets to control rate of burn.
  • Flue size: 140mm - This stove does not require a separate flu connector
  • Includes heavy duty removeable grate for use when burning coal.

Dimensions (WxDxH)
433 x 405 x 520 mm
Weight 81kg
Tested to En13240 standards

Garden and Design | Home Design | Wood Burning Stoves |  Cottager